In my short time at UHN, I've heard from many people about their desire for a highly consultative, clinically, academically and data-driven management structure. I wholeheartedly agree with that direction and have discussed with UHN's Executive Management Team (EMT). As a result of those discussions, we have decided on the expansion of the EMT which I'm announcing today as UHN's Executive Leadership Forum (ELF).

Our central mission of exemplary care and caring through scholarship and science, requires diverse voices and skills engaged in respectful dialogue, discourse and decision-making. So, Joy Richards, Chief of Health Practice, Shaf Keshavjee, Surgeon-in-Chief, and Ed Cole, Physician-in-Chief join, bringing their clinical and practice knowledge, and their passion for innovation and scholarship. In addition, we will rotate our Program Medical Directors (PMD) through the ELF using staggered terms, beginning with Mary Gospodarowicz, Rob Inman and Gaetan Tardif. As Shaf and Ed also hold PMD roles, there is now a solid and expanded presence for the programs at the table. Gillian Howard joins the ELF to ensure that the work we do is known throughout the organization, that our successes are taken to a wider public, and that the issues and decisions we take are thoughtfully and widely communicated. Darlene Dasent, our Chief Financial Officer, joins so that everyone at the table will have a solid understanding about our finances and be able to tap on her knowledge as we discuss strategies for UHN which will require funding. Bella Martin, UHN's Chief Legal Officer, also joins as her wisdom, counsel and history of UHN add immeasurably to the deliberations. I look forward to their input at future meetings. Our first order of business will be to try and simplify our structure and processes and embark upon an elimination of unnecessary or duplicative meetings. I ascribe to the adage that simplicity is beautiful!

I am impressed by the bold statement that the needs of patients comes first as the primary value of UHN, and I am confident that these individuals, with the excellent existing members, will ensure that this statement remains central to every decision we make, whether it be in the care we provide, the research we conduct or the education we provide to the next generation of healthcare professionals. If we are to retain and attract the best and brightest to work at UHN, our attention to the wellbeing and development of all who work here must also be central to every decision made and I am confident the expanded EMT will apply this lens to our discussions and decisions.

Our next step will be the optimization of the Senior Management Team (SMT) structure and function. I am grateful to Corporate Planning for sending out a survey to all members of SMT prior to my arrival. The feedback received underlines the value seen by members of the SMT meetings and the desire to have more input at earlier stages on items such as UHN's strategic planning process, performance indicators, budget planning and decisions that affect care, research and teaching. Today, I asked a Working Group from the SMT to begin a redesign of their structure and function that streamlines decision making and focuses on results and timely implementation.

We have discussed the results of the survey at EMT and distributed to SMT. My goal is to ensure that SMT not only engages in healthy debate and discussion, so that diverse views are heard, but that more rapid decision making and efficient implementation is a tangible result of SMT deliberations.

As always, I welcome your thoughts on these changes.


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