We all watched in horror yesterday and woke up this morning with the feeling that our city – the city we call home – has been changed.  We also saw acts of generosity and kindness from the people at the scene and we may come to understand why this happened because of the skill and training of one member of the Toronto Police Service.

Our colleagues in EMS and the trauma centres would have seen the injuries and devastation as they received the injured people from the scene.  Other staff would be desperately trying to collect information and working with grief stricken families or people who thought their loved one might be involved. 

So, we must give thanks for all those on the scene and those who dealt with the aftermath and, if we can, offer help and compassion.  We must also take time to think about the families whose lives have been altered by a senseless act.  And, ultimately, we must work together to offer kindness and compassion to each other because we are all affected by what happened yesterday. 

What we cannot do is jump to conclusions or assume why this happened.  It will take the police time to work this out and we will have some answers.  We were a tolerant, kind and welcoming city before this happened, we are all of those things today and we will continue to be this way because this is Toronto and we know how to respond to a senseless act. 


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