I'll start by letting you know that my next Looking Ahead will be coming on August 17 as I will be taking some vacation. I'm not sure that 'vacation' is an accurate description as we will be spending a lot of time moving in to our new home in Toronto. I am very much looking forward to getting settled, as is my family. Justine Jackson will be Acting President and CEO for the next two weeks.

Recently, Toronto Western and Toronto General have launched daily, site-specific safety huddles, led by site Vice Presidents Kathy Sabo and Scott McIntaggart with representatives from various services and departments. Participants report any significant safety issues or concerns and "good catches" in preventing incidents from the past 24 hours, identify any issues anticipated in the next 24 hours, with follow up of any outstanding issues. On weekends, the safety huddles takes place between the Nursing Administrative Coordinator and the Administrator on Call. This is a simple and very effective way of bringing everyone together for a short mutual briefing that shares safety and significant operational issues that impact patient and employee safety There is nothing more important than keeping patients and staff safe at UHN and I look forward to hearing about some of the 'good catches' and the actions that follow those catches.

I'll close by thanking everyone for their efforts to reduce power consumption at UHN. After saving $4,000 the on the first weekend, we sent a reminder to turn off electrical equipment and lights when not in use. This is an illustration of how small actions can add up to substantial savings. Thank you for your collective efforts!


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