​​​A small act with a big impact – get your flu shot today

Sometimes it's the simplest acts that have the biggest impact. Getting vaccinated against the influenza virus is one such act –  it can help save lives at home and abroad. This year we are collaborating with UNICEF's shot-for-shot initiative, which means for every flu shot received by a staff member, physician, student, or volunteer one polio, measles, or tetanus vaccine will be donated by UHN to a child in need. At home, we know that in Canada an average of 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths each year are related to the flu. Directly, or indirectly, many of us interact with individuals who are at the highest risk for serious complications, such as patients with cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, people over the age of 65, or children under five years of age. Each day we have patients and caregivers come through our doors for whom contact with the flu poses a serious risk.

I know Caring Safely is important for each of you and getting your flu shot is an incredibly important way to care safely for the UHN community. We are working hard to make it easy to get your flu shot, bringing the vaccine to you through roaming flu carts at each of our sites (find the schedule for your site here) and extending the flu campaign to November 18th. I've included the breakdown of this year's flu campaign participants by site below – let's all work together to help protect UHN from the influenza virus and make this our most successful flu campaign yet.

Overall Total Participation (includes all reg. staff w/EID # and staff w/o EID #)
Site 2016 2015
Total Vaccinations 2016 Total Vaccinations 2015 Total Vaccinations 2014
6011 7679 10375

Progress on our Areas of Focus – Q2 Results

As I mentioned in this Looking Ahead we are providing quarterly updates on our eight Areas of Focus. As a quick reminder they are:

  • Purpose, Values & Principles, and Strategy
  • Caring Safely
  • Team Engagement
  • Patient Experience
  • IT Transformation
  • Michener Integration
  • Research and Innovation
  • Clinical Optimization

Our Q2 results are now up on renewinguhn.ca. You can find the reports under each Area of Focus by clicking the "Quarterly Progress" tab, or by clicking the "What's New" button at the top of each page . This quarter a few of the Areas of Focus have achieved some significant milestones and moreover, we are moving forward on our journey of renewal.

In Q2 we engaged the entire organization in the process of finalizing our Purpose, Values & Principles (PVP) through a successful electronic jam. Clinical Optimization saw the completion of Phase 1 of UHN's operational review and we now move into Phase 2, which involves the verification of data and opportunities within five work stream teams. Team Engagement conducted an online Respect & Civility survey, while our IT Transformation team has landed on a new name and logo for the new IT organizational structure, which uses UHN's visual identity with a slight twist, thanks to UHN's Healthcare Human Factors – this will launch soon.

Thanks to each of you for your hard work in helping UHN continue down our path of renewal. I encourage you to share your feedback on our Areas of Focus by submitting a comment through the Renewing UHN website at the bottom of the each page.

Career Week

A key part of our Employee Engagement surveys is to find new opportunities for our staff – during a previous survey, career opportunities were identified as one of the top five key priorities for UHN employees. As a result, the Career Hub was created to provide more opportunities for career development and growth. This week UHN is hosting its second annual career week! Employees will have the opportunity to celebrate continuous learning and explore practical workshops offered through the Career Hub. For more information, including the Career Week schedule visit the Career Hub website.


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