Tomorrow Princess Margaret Cancer Centre will celebrate 20 years on University Avenue and 20 years that they have been part of UHN. The celebration program also calls for me to look ahead 20 years as to we think oncology care may look like in 2035.  I’m told that many people who were part of the move will be coming back to celebrate and I look forward to the event, the memories and the predictions for the future of cancer care.  You can check out some of those memories on a Twitter site set up for this event. See this link here - and continue to follow me on Twitter at @ppisters.

You can see how we did on this year’s flu campaign​ to this point in time. I encourage those who have not yet been vaccinated to go to Occupational Health & Safety or one of our pharmacies so that you can get the shot. As we get closer to the holiday season we expect that influenza will once again spike. Indeed, there’s nothing worse than being sick with influenza for you personally and putting your family, co-workers, and patients at risk while friends and family are celebrating together. It’s not too late to benefit from the shot, and we will be counting all the shots given in December towards our final rate which is reportable to Public Health at the end of December.

Progress continues on our evaluation of the option to integrate with the Michener Institute. Last week the Toronto Central LHIN Board unanimously approved the integration of Michener to UHN. This means that the final step is approval from UHN’s Board. The Board has been updated on the discussions regularly and the plan is to take this forward for Board discussion and approval in December.


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