​​​PVP Electronic Jam

Last week we asked for your say on the refreshed draft of our Purpose, Values & Principles (PVP) through our electronic jam. It was a great experience to have real-time, live communication happening with employees from all over UHN. I really enjoyed jamming with all of you on the value 'Stewardship' and am so appreciative for the thoughtful conversation that we had. The questions, comments and ideas that came through all the jam sessions were fantastic. This jam was so successful that it's something we will be exploring for future opportunities to come together around specific topics. Thank you for engaging with our refreshed PVP and making your voice heard; it's helping us to shape the future of UHN.

Announcing the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute

Last Tuesday I was thrilled to announce that the Donald K. Johnson Eye Centre, and Vision Sciences at the Krembil Research Institute have come together to create the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute. Bringing together the Centre with Vision Sciences as an Institute is a significant decision. This will allow us to facilitate collaboration between clinicians, researchers, and educators with the goal of improving patient care. It will also help us recruit leaders in the field, establish partnerships with complementary organizations, and attract top students from around the world who will have the chance to learn from our experts. Those students will then return to their communities with a stronger toolbox of skills, further advancing UHN's goal of achieving global impact. The Institute will give us a competitive advantage because it creates a single branded identity that's visible to academics, industry, government, and more importantly, our patients.

This Institute would not be possible without the unwavering support of Don Johnson and Anna McCowan-Johnson, who have been tremendous champions for vision care and research.

Caring Safely Education Plan: Design Sessions

This Wednesday and Thursday I will be attending design sessions to finalize the Education Plan put together by our Carin​g Safely team. These sessions will focus on the creation of a Safety and Error Prevention Toolkit, as well as the development of a High Reliability Leadership Method. We will be testing the techniques and construction of these two items to ensure we are creating the strongest Education Plan possible. This plan will then be rolled out across UHN to equip you with key error prevention tools and leadership methods. This is an important milestone in our safety transformation and these two days will be critical in our ability to support staff with safety behaviours' and error preventions tools in our pursuit of zero preventable harm.


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