​​​UHN’s New Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

In case you missed it, Darlene Dasent has been appointed Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for UHN. For the last seven years she has served as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer, and most recently has been supporting the Executive Team as well as our Board of Trustees. I am confident that her leadership skills and wealth of knowledge, both from UHN and in roles outside of the organization, will continue to be a tremendous asset as she works to bring a financial transformation to UHN. Darlene will report to the Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer once that individual has been hired. Please join me in congratulating Darlene.

​NanoKnife Clinical Trial

Exploring new breakthroughs and innovative ways to use existing treatments is an important part of health care. Last week the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced support of up to $2.1 million to expand the use of Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) from a limited use with liver cancers to a clinical trial for cancers of the pancreas. When asked about this new funding Health Minister Hoskins said, “I had come to understand that there was promise, but it had not been proven and so I think the moment when University Health Network came forward ... with an opportunity for us to be part of a research trial, a clinical trial, to hopefully prove the effectiveness of this emerging, new, promising technology, we felt that it was an appropriate thing to do[.]” Now that funding is in place, the team will send the trial forward to the Research Ethics Board for review.

Caring Safely Leadership Education

​​Earlier today, we marked an exciting milestone on our Caring Safely transformation with the launch of our Leadership Education. As part of our journey to high reliability and reducing preventable harm, leaders from across UHN are taking seven instructor-led sessions to equip them with the foundational knowledge, skills and values to transform our safety culture.
The education for leaders will be completed between now and October. For all UHN staff, a foundational education module related to safety behaviours and error prevention tools that will support the culture of change is expected to be launched at the end of April. These modules will give all of us at UHN the tools we need to support our values and speak up for safety.


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