​Home podcast wr​aps up

A couple of weeks ago, the final installment ​of UHN's Home podcast was released, wrapping up an incredibly insightful series featuring profiles of UHN staff on how they came to call Canada home. I truly enjoyed listening to these inspiring stories every week—thank you to everyone involved in the project. Listen to and learn more about the series here.

Staff BBQs at Toronto Rehab

Summer may be winding down but our staff appreciation barbecues are still going strong! This week, Toronto Rehab will be hosting barbecues at each of its campuses from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Be sure to bring your photo ID to join in the fun.

  • September 5: Lyndhurst/Rumsey
  • September 6: University Centre
  • September 11: Bickle Centre

LGBTQ+ education and awareness training

Starting mid-September, UHN is offering a free LGBTQ+ education and awareness training course available to all employees. The three-hour course will provide participants with culturally competent strategies to foster an inclusive and affirming environment for members of LGBTQ+ communities. The course will run from September 2017 to June 2018, and you can register individually or by department—I encourage you to sign up early as the course is in high demand. We're very lucky at UHN to be home to such a diverse staff community, and initiatives like this play an integral role in celebrating that diversity and making our organization a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone. To find out about the course's curriculum, contact Jacqueline.Silvera@uhn.ca. To register, contact Athena.Nicholas@uhn.ca.


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