I want to draw everyone’s attention to this article, published by VOX that deals with the frequency of central line infections in health care. This story is sobering given the fact that these infections are preventable. Here at UHN we are looking closely at central line infections and may choose it as one of the serious safety events that we focus on reducing in the first phase of our HRO journey.

The title – Do No Harm – speaks to the first expectation that every patient and staff member has when they come to UHN. Patients expect that we will not subject them to preventable harm and that we have a workplace that is safe and supportive. This fall, we will be surveying everyone at UHN about our attitudes, thoughts, and actions around workplace, employee, and patient safety. I sincerely hope that every single person at UHN will take part in our survey. More on this closer to the survey launch date.

This past week there has been media attention on the availability of stem cell transplants for patients with various forms of leukemia, myeloma, and other malignant hematologic conditions. Because this treatment is now proven to help in so many conditions, the need for stem cell transplants has risen progressively over the past 10 years. We are working with Cancer Care Ontario and the other provincial stem cell transplant centres to ensure that these needs are well understood so that we may offer care to Ontarians that matches international standards for best practice.

My final note this week is about the due diligence process that is underway to enable us to explore integration with The Michener Institute. This would be the first in Canada integration of a health care system and and educational organization. Our work is progressing very well and both organizations may be able to take recommendations to our respective boards this fall. From talking with many of you about this opportunity, I know that many of you are very excited about the possibilities that could evolve with the integration of Michener into UHN. I will continue to update you on this as this opportunity progresses this fall.


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