Last week was a bit of a whirlwind.  We started the week with the excellent news that UHN Digital and eHealth had completed all the work necessary to enable the reopening of UHN's patient information to all clinicians through ConnectingOntario.  My thanks again to the teams  for all the work that went in to having this happen for our patients and their clinicians because it means better care for patients, whether here or in the community. 

I also want to mention a couple of awards.  Emma Pavlov, EVP – Human Resources and Organizational Development tells me that UHN ranked among the Top Employers 2017 in Canada, following the results of Universum's annual student talent surveys which are published in major media outlets around the world.  As we are committed to teaching the healthcare professionals of the future, it is rewarding to know that our students think highly of the education they receive at UHN and the environment we create.  We were also recognized at the HPI Press Ganey Safety Summit earlier in the month with a Safety Cinema Award in the category of Best Use of True Stories for the video featuring Peter Pisters, Joy Richards and me talking about errors we had made in our careers and what we learned from those errors.  So, to the Caring Safely team and our Producer/Director Christian Cote from the Public Affairs team, congratulations on the win.  It is a video to be proud of and I know it is used in our Caring Safely sessions.

We are looking at the results from our second quarter and viewing them through the lens of our Foundational Elements – Caring Safely, Patient Experience, Operational Excellence, People & Culture and IT Transformation.  UHN's Board of Trustees has endorsed the decision to move forward with the implementation of Foundational Element road maps and you can view our progress in these areas here.   

We ended the week on Saturday when Premier Kathleen Wynne and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders visited the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, hosted by Dr. Barry Rubin, members of the PMCC team and four patients who had received care at UHN.  Senator Sanders' visit was arranged by Dr. Danielle Martin from Women's College Hospital and he was here with advisors and U.S. media to ask questions about a single-payer healthcare system.  Thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday afternoon to take part in this cross-border exchange.


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