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Dr. Kevin Smith, UHN’s President & CEO, communicates regularly with the UHN community. See his weekly reflections sent to all staff beginning May 22, 2018 below. (Note: Updates prior to that date are from our previous Interim President & CEO, Dr. Charlie Chan.)

For more on what's happening at UHN, watch our 2018 Annual General Meeting presentation​.

3/1/2021COVID-19 variants of concern, vaccine planning for people over the age of 80, Open Forum change and more
2/22/2021Important change to screening, Open Forum tomorrow, hand hygiene remains a critical defense against transmission of disease, and more
2/16/2021Next Open Forum is Feb. 23, future planning for COVID-19 vaccines, and more
2/8/2021Sign up for UHN's Vaccine Registry, what we learned from Chris Channon (Patient Partner at UHN), and more
2/1/2021Virtual Open Forum, introducing the Anti-Black Racism and Anti-Racism Policy at UHN, COVID-19 IMS Table and more
1/25/2021Virtual Open Forum tomorrow, Executive COVID-19 IMS updates, ELF meeting and more
1/18/2021COVID-19 vaccine update including good news about Toronto's long-term care homes, Virtual Open Forum tomorrow, and more
1/11/2021COVID-19 vaccines, Virtual Open Forum tomorrow, and more
12/14/2020A landmark day for Canada's COVID-19 response
11/23/2020Toronto moved into lockdown, last week to nominate for UHN's 2020 Local Impact Awards, COVID-19 Incident Management System (IMS) table created for GTA Hospitals and more
11/16/2020COVID-19 cases are dramatically increasing, Virtual Open Forum is tomorrow, and more
11/9/2020COVID-19 outbreaks at UHN declared over, kicked off Clinical Transformation at UHN and more
11/2/2020Clinical Transformation journey kicks off today, Virtual Open Forum tomorrow, last chance to get your flu vaccine at UHN and more
10/13/2020Virtual Open Forum, Flu Campaign, details on the 10-day clearance period for COVID-19 and beyond
9/30/2020Today is Orange Shirt Day
9/21/2020Tomorrow's Open Forum, half a million COVID-19 tests completed, what happened at the Executive Leadership Forum meeting and more
9/14/2020Increase in COVID-19 cases, Social Medicine, Clinical Transformation journey and what happened at ELF
9/8/2020Back-to-school season, guidelines for patients requesting exemption from masking, reintegrating learners, and mental health resources
6/1/2020Responding to the violent and racist acts occurring in North America
3/16/2020Key COVID-19 status updates | Open Forum will be held TODAY
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