Dear Colleagues, 

This week, I am proud to celebrate National Medical Laboratory Week with our hard working and dedicated team across the Laboratory Medicine Program.

The Laboratory Medicine Program is one of those few areas of the hospital that touches nearly every patient who enters UHN. Almost every aspect of prognosis and diagnosis is based on a test result. With up to 85% of medical decisions based on lab results, our system simply could not function without the lab.

At UHN, we are lucky to have an integrated Program in Laboratory Medicine. The senior lab leaders are closely involved with strategic planning and management and the lab management team is involved, daily, with the operations of each hospital site. Our LMP staff are actively involved in educating the next generation of lab staff, and our team is creating new diagnostic paradigms. This active, high-level involvement and responsibility is rare and part of what ensures that our labs continue to deliver the results and diagnoses that our patients and clinicians count on as part of our commitment to world-class care.

Throughout this week, I encourage all of you to take some time to learn more about medical laboratory professionals, the work they do here at UHN and the valuable impact they make on patient care.​

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