UHN spends over $70,000 a day on utilities, money I think we all agree we'd much rather spend on patient care.  That's why we're launching "Operation TLC – Thermostats, Lights and Controls" and have set an energy saving goal of $2.35 million for 2013-14.

Operation TLC – Thermostats, Lights and Controls is being led by the Senior VP at each of our hospitals:

  • Kathy Sabo – Toronto Western Hospital
  • Chris Paige – TMDT and Krembil Discovery Centre
  • Scott McIntaggart – Toronto General Hospital
  • Sue Jewell – Bickle Centre, University Centre, Rumsey Centre and Lyndhurst Centre
  • Marnie Escaf – Princess Margaret Hospital​

We're working on making our buildings more efficient with projects ranging from installing LED lighting, to improving heating and cooling, but in order to reach our goal, we need everyone at UHN to participate.

It's simple – when not in use, turn-off lights, non-critical computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers, fans and other equipment and appliances.

Our Facilities departments are getting ready to adjust temperatures so that they are on the outer range of "normal", which means that we'll need to dress accordingly, with short sleeves, no ties and no jackets in the hotter months and warmer clothing in winter.

Although it's not their responsibility to turn off lights, we've also empowered our Housekeepers and Security Officers to do so in empty rooms should they find the lights left on, so don't be surprised if you return to your work area to find it dark – and please be respectful of the role we've asked your colleagues to play.

Energy & Environment will be providing regular updates, but if you want to play a more active goal in saving energy, and improving patient care, please contact Kady Cowan, UHN Energy Steward, at kady.cowan@uhn.ca.



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