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Welcome to one of the largest lung transplant programs in the world. Our team​ is dedicated to helping patients through every stage of a successful transplant, offering specialized s​ervices to patients with even the most complex conditions​.

We are home to many world firsts​, including the single and double lung transplants. Our results image of Survival Stat Infographic for recipients exceed other programs, worldwide.​​

Learn how a lung transplant is performed.​​

Refer a Patient

To refer your patient to our program, read our Guide for Referring Physicians.

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Clinic and Inpatient Unit

Learn about where to go and what to expect, when you’re scheduled to visit our program.​


Living Donor Program

Did you know that living donors can donate a portion Image of Lungs of their lungs? If you would like to learn more about finding a living donor, or becoming one, our assessment team will guide you through the process. It starts with a simple conversation.

Phone: 416 340 4800 ext. 2252

Learn more about living lung donation through our Lung Donor Manual.

Meet Our Patients

Image of Reid doing breathing exercises
Reid is a lung transplant recipient. Read his story »

Our Research

UHN's Transplant Program is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of transplantation and regenerative medicine. Read more about our research »​​​

Helpful​​ Resour​ces

UHN offers services and information, to help make your visit as easy as possible. View some popular links.


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​Lung Transplant Program
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