About the Transplant Psychosocial Team

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Transplant P​sychosocial Team
Peter Munk Building – 11th Floor, Room 100​​

Hours & Contact

​​Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
*By appointment only

Main Reception
Phone: 416 340 4800 ext. 5655
Fax: 416 340 4687

What We Do

The Transplant Psychosocial T​eam at UHN consists of psychiatrists, social workers, mental health nurses and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. This team supports living organ donors, patients who are being assessed or waiting for a transplant and patients who have received a transplant and are experiencing distress related to the donation or transplant. The services include assessment, support, coordination of care, and counselling related to the transplant or organ donation experience. The transplant journey can be challenging at times for both patients and their caregivers. ​Our team can help to facilitate referrals to local supports for caregivers of transplant patients.​

  • Psychosocial Team Can Help
    The Psychosocial
    ​Team Can Help
    Psychosocial Team Can Help
    ​​​​The Psychosocial Team Can Help​​​​​​

Coping with a Transplant

Whether you are beginning your transplant journey or currently living with an organ transplant, it is important to remember that recovery is a lifelong journey. While transplant is a life-saving treatment, it is normal for patients and family members to experience stress and a range of emotions. It is important to be aware of some of the social, emotional, financial, and physical health-related stressors you may face while waiting for a transplant and after your transplant. You can increase your ability to cope with stress by: a) being informed about what lies ahead from an emotional perspective, b) learning ways to manage your physical and mental heal​​th, and c) knowing how and when to reach out for help.​​

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