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The Team

​​​We are a multidisciplinary, comprehensive team that includes cardiologists, anesthetists, cardiac surgeons, nurse practitioners, transplant nurse coordinators, social workers, a psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse, physiotherapists, nutritionists and transplant mentors.

​​Medical Director: D​r. Heather Ross

Staff Physicians or Specialists

Nursing Team Members

  • Corinne McCurdy, RN(EC), MSc, Advance Practice Nurse
  • Brigitte Talevski, Social Worker, MSW, RSW​
  • Sarah Greenwood, RN, MN, Psychiatry
  • Lois Kavanaugh, RN, BA
  • Stella Kozuszko, RN(EC), MN, NP-Adult​
  • Anna Klowak​, RN