​​​​​​​​​​Follow-Up Appointments​

Before you leave the hospital we will arrange your follow-up clinic appointments. A detailed plan will be given to you, based on your progress and your doctor's recommendations.

​Blood tests

2-3 times a week, to start.

​Kidney Transplant Clinic
Toronto General Hospital
Peter Munk Building - 12th floor
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What to Expect
You will need to have regular blood tests. The results will be viewed by the transplant team who will follow-up as necessary.

What to bring

Weekly clinic visits

You will also be seen every week in the Kidney Transplant Clinic. Over time, your clinic visits and blood tests will become less frequent. Follow-up appointments usually take 1 -2 hours.

When you arrive at the Kidney Transplant Clinic​ your blood work will be done, you will be weighed, and taken to a clinic room then you will be seen by your transplant doctor and coordinator.

To change an appointment, call your transplant coordinator by using the Easy Call system.

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