More than 300 health care and research professionals help care for all transplant patients at UHN. Our expert team leads the way with evidence-based and comprehensive programs such as:

  • Internationally Renowned Living Donor Programs
    Our Ajmera Transplant Centre is the largest living donor kidney program in Canada and the largest living donor liver program in North America. Surgeons and medical teams come from all over the world to learn about what makes us so successful. Read more about the program »
  • ​Incompatible Living Donor Kidney Program
    If a donor and recipient do not have matching blood or tissue types, the Incompatible Living Donor Kidney Program will increase the chance of making the donated kidney more compatible for a recipient.
  • Toronto’s Ex Vivo Organ Assessment and Repair
    The Ajmera Transplant Centre is a world leader in the assessment and repair of donor organs outside the body before transplantation. 
  • Kidney Paired Donation Progra​m (KPD)
    ​Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is the national organization that keeps a Canada-wide list of incompatible transplant. We work with CBS through our KPD program, to find and match compatible donors and recipients anonymously across Canada. At the time of the transplant, a living donor's kidney is transplanted into a compatible recipient. In exchange the original recipient receives a kidney from a compatible donor in the registry. 
  • Transplant Infectious Diseases
    The transplant​ team of world leading infectious disease experts work to prevent complications due to immune suppressing medications.

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