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Putting Research into Action

​Commercialization is an important thrust at Toronto Rehab. We are determined to get innovative solutions into the market so people can use them as soon as possible. We welcome industry as a partner in developing meaningful products.

That’s why we pioneered a new and different model of research-industry collaboration. We involve companies as equal partners in developing products, from the concept stage onwards. Our list of industry partners is growing, as more companies take advantage of our expertise and state-of-the-art design and prototyping workshops. Prototypes for much-needed assistive technologies can be created quickly and accurately and tested with patients.

iDAPT Services – part of our research initiative — offers an experienced and cross-functional team that can take ideas and concepts for medical devices and turn them into reality. iDAPT Services provides extensive knowledge and capabilities to private businesses, institutions and individuals who require support to design, protect, develop, prototype and test new technologies. For more information about iDAPT Services, contact:

Out of the Lab and into the ​Market 

Our interaction with the private sector is producing innovations and products designed to enhance people’s quality of life. These inventions include medical devices, assistive technologies and advanced home care products. We are also creating jobs and wealth in our community by providing the assistive devices sector in Ontario and Canada with an important boost and competitive edge. Find out about our innovative products.

Translating Knowledge into Practice

With so much exciting rehabilitation research going on, it’s crucial that results are transformed into practice. We also put valuable findings into the hands of decision-makers. Our special Strategic Policy and Research Communications (SPARC) unit plays a vital role in identifying and responding to opportunities for knowledge translation between our scientists and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. And we share what we learn through scholarly publications, by hosting international conferences and events and through our collaborations. Find out more about how our research is improving the delivery of health care for physicians and their patients.


For more information about commercialization, contact:

Catharine Hancharek, MMPA, CMA, AIMA, CHRP
Business Development Leader, Research
Phone: 416 597 3422 ext. 7903