About The Falls Prevention Program

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Hours & Contact

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Phone: 416 597 3422 ext. 4200
Fax: 416 597 7074

What We Do

The Falls Prevention Program helps patients prevent falls. Falls are a leading cause of injury and hospitalization for seniors. At your first visit, you will be seen by a nurse, physiotherapist and doctor to identify why you have been falling. We work with you on your physical abilities, provide you with recommendations for lifestyle changes and discuss with you whether you need to modify your home to make sure you’re safe. In making assessments, we check your balance, mobility, muscle strength and if you have a fear of falling.

If appropriate, you will be enrolled in our 12-week program of group education and exercise sessions (1 session per week). Each session consists of 1 hour of education and 1 hour of exercise relating to falls prevention. If a patient has special needs, we will provide individual counseling.

 Topics included in our 12-week falls program

  • Introduction and goals of the program, benefits of exercise
  • Community resources, risks of falls, low vision, osteoporosis
  • Medication and falls, footwear, osteoarthritis, healthy eating, fear of falling
  • Memory, home and outdoor safety, how to get up from a fall, stair safety

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