About The Augmentative And Alternative Communication Clinic

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South Wing - 2nd F​loor​

Hours & Contact

Monday - Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: 416 597 3028

What We Do

For people with neurological conditions such as acquired brain injury (ABI), stroke, ALS or Parkinson's disease, speaking or writing can sometimes be difficult. Our clinic offers solutions to these communication challenges.

Each individual is different, so we work to find solutions that work for each specific person. These may include alternative ways of using computers, such as relying on adaptive software and hardware. People might use electronic devices that have artificial voice output or use picture/word books.

We complete a comprehensive assessment of each person’s needs and then look for innovative solutions. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right equipment. It may mean training and support, or help in getting funds from the Assistive Devices Program of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

 Health Information

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