What Makes us Special

​​​​Toronto Rehab is a leader in stroke rehabilitation.

In 2010 and 2012, our program was named a Stroke Rehab Program of Distinction by Accreditation Canada. This award recognizes outstanding commitment to excellence and leadership. We are one of the first programs in Canada to receive this award – and be recognized in 2 years.

We integrate the latest research and best practices into all the care we provide.

​Our researchers work side by side with our health care teams. Our patients can choose to participate in our research projects – and benefit from discoveries as we make them.

We focus on new and effective solutions to help people now. For example, in our Stroke Rehab Inpatient Service, every patient receives an assessment of their gait (walking) and balance using innovative techniques developed in our Mobility Innovations Centre (formerly named the Balance, Mobility and Falls Clinic). Watch the video to learn more. 


​​We also share innovations with rehabilitation providers across the country and around the world. ​