How to Get Referred

Referral Information for Patients

​A doctor must provide a referral for your loved one to become a patient at the Specialized Dementia Unit​.

When making a referral, your doctor will include:

  • A Specialized Dementia Unit​​ Referral Form and Take Back Agreement Form
  • Clinical notes
  • Tests, diagnostic reports (such as CT scans or MRIs) and any other relevant results

How Long Does a Referral Take?

Your doctor will submit the referral to the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)​.

After we receive the referral through the Toronto Central CCAC, we will contact the referral source to provide a status update and information about the inpatient stay.

Referral Information for Physicians

​​​​Admission Criteria

The Specialized Dementia Unit​ is appropriate for individuals who:

  • Are 65 years or older;
  • Are diagnosed with dementia and have accompanying behavioural challenges; and
  • Have psychiatric complications of dementia, including behavioural disturbances such as agitation, aggression, resistance to care, depression and/or delusions.

Our inpatient service is not appropriate for individuals who:

  • Are a threat to themselves or others;​
  • Require intravenous therapy, oxygen, tube feeding or central venous lines; and
  • Have a major psychiatric disorder or a traumatic brain injury as the primary cause of the behavioural disturbance.


To submit a referral, first download and complete the Specialized Dementia Unit Referral Form and​ Take Back Agreement.

Once you have completed the forms, fax them to our CASS Central Registry (located at Toronto Central LHIN) at 416 506 0439.

Once we receive your referral, we will review the referral to ensure that it is complete; if incomplete, we will ask for the missing information.

We will contact the referral source to confirm the admission date and provide information about the patient's stay. The referral source is responsible for providing the substitute decision maker with the information about admission and the stay.

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