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​​​​​Admission Criteria

The Spinal Cord Rehab Inpatient Service is appropriate for patients who:

  • Are medically, surgically and psychiatrically stable
  • Are willing to actively participate in and comply with the components of our individualized rehabilitation program
  • Are able to tolerate 3 hours of rehabilitation activity daily, and can safely sit for a minimum of 2 hours daily. It must be anticipated that the patient will meet this threshold upon admission to our inpatient service or shortly thereafter
  • Have clear rehabilitation goals that can be achieved during the patient's length of stay
  • Have begun to develop a discharge plan prior to admission


To submit a referral, first download and complete theInpatient Rehabilitation Referral Form and theSpinal Cord Service Referral Form.

Once you have completed the forms, fax them to us at 416 422 2467.

Once we receive your referral, we will review the referral to ensure that it is complete; if incomplete, the forms will be returned to you.

We will contact the referral source to confirm the admission date and provide information about the patient's stay. Your office is responsible for providing the patient with the information about their admission and stay.

Checklist for a Complete Referral

In addition to the completed referral forms, make sure to include:

  • A completed  Inpatient Rehabilitation Referral Form
  • A Spinal Cord Service Referral Form
  • Clinical notes (nursing, OT, PT, SW, SLP, Psych)
  • All consultation reports
  • All follow-up appointments
  • Tests, diagnostic reports (such as CT scans or MRIs) and any other relevant results​

If this information is not included with the referral forms, your referral may be returned as incomplete.

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