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​Admission Criteria

The Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Multi-System Program is a High Tolerance Short Duration Program which is appropriate for patients who present with the following:

  • Any fractures and soft tissue injuries due to high velocity/high impact  injury (such as MVC, workplace accident, fall from height)
  • Hip fractures and/or surgeries related to hip fractures
  • Other types of orthopedic injuries, such as fractures, tendon repairs, or some spinal surgery
  • Cancer diagnoses, including bone and tissue cancers, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and renal cancer

Patients must have rehabilitation potential and must be able to actively participate 1 - 2 hours per day in therapy.  The duration of the program will be determined by your health care providers but will be between 1 - 4 weeks.  This may be longer for patients with complicated, traumatic injuries.

Our inpatient service is not appropriate for patients who:

  • Present with severe cognitive deficit.  The patient must be able to follow caregiver instructions and demonstrate carry over/new learning.
  • Present with challenging behaviours (eg.  aggression, wandering, climbing out of bed, sitter required)
  • Are being admitted from or discharged to a nursing home
  • Are reliant on a mechanical lift as a routine method of transfer

Standard Referral

If the referral is from a hospital in the Greater Toronto Area, please submit an electronic referral using the Resource Matching and Referral process (RM&R).  For referrers who do not use RM&R, please submit a paper referral.  You must first download and complete the Inpatient Rehabilitation Referral Form and the MSK Referral Form.

Once you have completed the forms, fax them to 416 537 3752.

We may contact the referral source to clarify information as required.  We will call to confirm if the application has been accepted or rejected and to offer a bed if available.


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