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​Admission Criteria

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Inpatient Service is appropriate for patients who:

  • Are 65 years and older for non-dialysis patients
  • Are 60 years and older for hemodialysis patients
  • Are able to direct their activities and actively participate in at least two 30 minute therapy sessions per day
  • Are being discharged to their home

Our inpatient service is not appropriate for patients who:

  • Have behavioural issues
  • Are non-weight bearing in their lower extremities
  • Are not able to follow commands or direct their own care
  • Have a discharge destination of long term care

If you are applying from acute care, please access the GTA Rehab Network​ and complete the documents.

If you are not applying from acute care, please contact the program service coordinator for more information at
416 597 3422 ext. 3038.

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