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Who do I call if I experience complications? 

Call your doctor as soon as possible or go to the nearest emergency department if you have any of the following:

  • Chills or fever greater than 38.5 °C
  • Changes to your wounds (cuts), such as new bleeding, increasing drainage (fluid) from the wound, increasing redness, warmth and tenderness (pain).
  • ​Skin at your cut is separating.
  • ​Increasing pain in your legs or feet
  • Sudden back or stomach pain
  • ​Feet or lower legs that are white or blue, or are cold to touch​
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Who do I call with general post-operative questions?

If you have questions or need to book your follow up appointment, please call your surgeon’s office or Cindy Dickson, Vascular Clinic Nurse: 416 340 3857.​

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To make or change appointments, call your surgeon's office.

Dr. Thomas Lindsay
Phone: 416 340 4620

Dr. George Oreopoulos
Phone: 416 340 3275

Dr. Graham Roche-Nagle
Phone: 416 340 5332

Dr. Barry Rubin
Phone: 416 340 3645

Dr. Thomas Forbes ​
Phone: 416 340 3274

Dr. John Byrne
Phone: 416 340 3996​​

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