​​​​After Your Operation

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Wh​at will happen right after my operation?
  • You will have dressings on your surgical incisions.
  • You will be given a brochure outlining how to take care of your surgical site at home and any limitations along with dressing supplies.
How will I feel after my operation?
  • Generally, since no general anesthesia is required, you will not feel any different after your procedure.
  • Typically, local anesthetic is applied to the breasts to recreate the nipple/areola. However, many patients have reduced breast sensation following their previous reconstruction surgeries and require little to no local anesthetic at all.
How can I take care of myself after my operation?
  • At home, you will be able to complete your activities of daily living (e.g., walking, toileting, getting dressed and personal hygiene).
How long will I stay in hospital?
  • ​No hospital stay is required if your procedure is performed in a clinical setting.
  • If your procedure is completed in the operating room, you can expect to be discharged the same day of your operation.
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