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Thoracic Surgery Clinic

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Lung Metastectomy Program

​​Many patients with cancer develop secondary tumours in their lungs or other organs. The spread of cancer from one organ or place in the body to another, non-adjacent organ or body part is referred to as metastasis. When these secondary tumours occur in the lungs only, there may be a possibility to remove or destroy them.

Working in collaboration, the Division of Thoracic Surgery and the Radiation Medicine Program​ ​have developed the Lung Metastectomy Program.

This highly specialized diagnostic and management service assesses patients with cancer of any primary site other than the lungs where the cancer has spread to the lungs (lung metastasis) to assess surgery or radiotherapy as treatments for lung metastasis. Our goal is to prolong life and improve quality of life by offering a multidisciplinary assessment and cutting-edge surgical or radiation therapy treatment in the most efficient and supportive way.  

Referrals are triaged and scheduled to the earliest available clinic appointment according to case urgency and complexity. Our staff will also contact your referring physician and primary oncology nurse who have followed you during your initial treatment to gather a detailed clinical history and imaging. A multidisciplinary team will assess your condition and plan how to manage and treat it. Your referring physician and primary oncology nurse are invited to participate in this review.

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