Follow-up Appointments

How do I reach my surgeon's office?

Call your surgeon’s office or go to the nearest emergency department if the following happens:

  • You have bleeding that does not stop or soaks the dressing.
  • Your pain becomes very bad and it doesn’t get better when you take the pain medicine that we prescribed.
  • Your foot or ankle is very swollen or you have lost feeling.
  • Your toes are cold or have changed colour, or you can’t move your toes.
  • Any signs of infection such as drainage, wound discolouration, increasing pain or a high fever.
Who do I call with general post-operative questions?

The surgeon’s office is your first place to call for post-operative questions.


Contact your surgeon's office.

Dr. Jas Chahal
Phone: 416 603 5630

Dr. Roderick J. Davey
Phone: 416 603 5732

Dr. Rajiv Gandhi
Phone: 416 603 5642

Dr. Johnny Lau
Phone: 416 603 6292

Dr. Timothy Leroux
Phone: 416 603 6286

Dr. Nizar Mahomed
Phone: 416 603 5328

Dr. Wayne Marshall
Phone: 416 603 5171

Dr. Darrell Ogilvie-Harris
Phone: 416 603 5862

Dr. Christian Veillette
Phone: 416 603 5929

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