After Your Operation

On this page, you can read all about what to expect during your hospital stay.

What will happen right after my operation?
  • You will wake up in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU) and stay there for 1-2 hours.
  • You will be attached to some or all of these tubes:
    IV – We usually take the IV out as soon as you can drink fluids and pass gas.
    Oxygen – Oxygen helps you breathe. We use either nasal prongs or a clear plastic mask.
  • We will check your vital signs, level of consciousness and dressing.
  • You will receive pain medication.
  • Once you are eating and drinking, we will prescribe pain pills that can be taken as needed.
How long will I stay in the hospital?
  • You will be ready to go home on the same day, or the day following your surgery.