Please arrive 2 hours before your scheduled surgery time.

Toronto Western Hospital
Fell Pavilion – 2nd Floor, Room 116
Maps & Directions 

All hospital entrances are open by 6:00 am, however the Leonard entrance (between Nassau and Wales) is easiest to access.

What can I expect during surgery?
  • You will get an Intravenous (IV) that will allow the doctors to give you fluids and medicine through your vein during and after the surgery.
  • A doctor will give you a general anesthesia. This means that you will be asleep during the surgery.
  • You will probably have a catheter (tube) inserted into your bladder. This will allow the doctors to carefully monitor your fluids and urine output.
  • Once you are asleep, your surgeon will insert the small tube (endoscope) into your nose through your sphenoid sinus to your pituitary gland. This will help them see a wider area around your gland.
  • Your surgeon will have to remove a small piece of thin bone at the base of your skull to reach the pituitary gland. They will then make a small incision (cut) to get to the tumour or cyst.
  • Using special instruments, your surgeon will try to remove the tumour or cyst without disturbing the normal pituitary gland.

The surgery usually takes about 2 to 4 hours.

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