​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Day Before Your Operation

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If you are also having an angiogram, stop drinking at midnight on the night before your procedure. Your stomach needs to be empty. If you are not having an angiogram, you may have a light breakfast. ​

What should I do the day before my operation?
  1. DO NOT wear makeup​.​
  2. ​Drink clear fluids, only, for the whole day. Examples of clear fluids you can drink:
    •  Apple juice
    •  Beef or chicken broth (no noodles or vegetables)
    •  Orange juice (without pulp)
    •  Grape juice
    •  Jell-O​ or popsicles
    •  Cranberry juice
    •  Pop (such as Ginger-ale, 7-Up, Coke) 
    •  Lemonade
    •  Water
    •  Coffee or Tea

    TIP: By drinking warm fluids such as tea or broth you may not feel as hungry.​

  3. ​Pack a bag for the hospital, including important items such as:


    •  Medicines you need to take during the day. Bring them in their original containers.
    •  Toothpaste and toothbrush
    •  Activities to pass the time. You can bring books, crafts, DVDs or other items.
    •  Music to listen to during your procedure. You can bring an iPod or CD player.
    •  Deodorant
    •  Tissue


    •  Loose-fitting clothes
    •  Loose non-slip footwear (such as Velcro runners)
    •  Underwear


    •  ​A list of current medications
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