What to Expect

​​​​​​Someone will call you to give you a time for your first appointment at the Centre for Advanced Hearing and Balance Testing.

What to Bring​​​​

  • Medications that you need to take
    Appointments can take several hours. Bring with you any medications you normally take during the day. We ask that you refrain from taking alcohol, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants or medications for dizziness for 48 hours prior to testing, if it is safe to do so. If it is not or if you forget, please let one of our team members know.
  • A trusted friend or family member
    We recommend that you bring someone who can help to escort you home safely in case you experience some lingering dizziness once testing is complete. A friend or family member cal also give you emotional support and help you gather information, take notes and ask questions.
  • Questions to ask
    Bring a list of questions to your appointment to help you remember everything you want to ask.​

When You Arri​​ve

The first person you meet at the Centre for Advanced Hearing and Balance Testing is the receptionist. To sign in with the receptionist you will need your health card (OHIP card). If you do not have an OHIP card, please bring another form of government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license, passport, or other provincial health card).

How Long W​​ill Your Appointment Be?

Your appointment length can vary greatly depending on what testing your doctor has requested. Appointments range in length from 30 minutes to over 4 hours. Your appointment letter will specify the approximate length of time you can expect to be at our clinic. We do everything we can to run on time. However, your appointment may be delayed by unforseen circumstances.

Before You Leave​​​

After every appointment, a member of your health care team will give you further instructions, which will vary depending on your appointment type. If you are unsure about what your next steps are, don't be afraid to ask a member of your team. We are here to help you.

About Phone Calls​​​​

We understand that reaching us by phone can sometimes be difficult. Often our phone lines are busy or are turned over to the message centre so our staff can prepare for clinic visits or help other patients.

We make every effort to return your call within 24 hours. Our staff will try to reach you 2 times. If we are not able to reach you directly – and you do not have an answering machine for us to leave a message – you may need to call us again.

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