The Team

Medical Director: Dr. Jeffrey Singh, TWH Site Leader

Nurse Manager: Kim Partridge

Patient Care Coordinators: Karen Bennett & Karen Meredith, coordinate the daily running of the ICU

Nurse Educator: Rebecca Sinyi


ICU Nurse: the nurse who will be with your loved one 24 hours a day in the ICU.

Medical Resident: a doctor who will always be in the ICU. Medical residents will provide 24hour medical care to your relative.

Critical Care Fellows: senior doctors doing further training in intensive care medicine. They supervise the medical residents. Two to Three critical care fellows work in the ICU.

Staff Physician:  doctor in charge of the ICU. Every Monday, one of our staff physicians will take charge for that week.

Neurosurgical Residents:  provide care for neurosurgical patients.

Consultants: other doctors who will be contacted if necessary.

Pharmacist: ensure that patients receive the right drug at the right time and the right dose. They are often attend rounds and advise doctors on the best drug regimen.
Charge Nurse: co-ordinates the activities of the unit for the shift.

Patient Care Assistant (PCA): helps the nurses with patient care. Helps move patients to different areas of the hospital.

Physiotherapist (PT): provides exercise programs to help bodies become stronger and keep lungs clear.

Occupational Therapist (OT): uses splints to help joints or keep hands and feet in the proper position.

Respiratory Therapist (RT): takes care of the "breathing machine" (ventilator) and will monitor patients' breathing status throughout the day and night.

Dietician: makes sure that patients receive the best nutrition.

Speech Language Pathologist: may do a swallow study to check it is safe for patients to eat food by mouth.

Social Worker: can provide family counseling, help and support. Can co-ordinate family meetings and talk about discharge planning.

Spiritual Care Providers: are available if you would like their help. They do not represent any specific religion. They work with patients' belief system to help provide support during difficult times.

Volunteers: are available if you feel your loved one would benefit from having a visitor in your absence. Please ask the bedside nurse to contact them for you.​

Medical students, residents and fellows are part of our team. Learn more about health care professional trainees at UHN​.​

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