Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU)

​​Medical Director: Dr. Niall Ferguson

Nurse Manager: Denise Morris

Advanced Practice Nurse Educator: Klara Malkova

Patient Care Coordinators: Ingrid Daley, Tyler Glass, ​Diana Heng

Senior Professional Practice Leader: Elizabeth Gordon

Senior Clinical Director: Linda Flockhart

Director, Professional Practice: Leanna Graham

Inter-professional Team Members: 

Physiotherapists: Vincent Lo and Nathalie Cote

Speech Language Therapists: Trish Williams

Occupational Therapist: Alexis Seaman

Pharmacists: Brenda Kisic and Paula Brown

Social Worker: Gail Fairley

Spiritual Care: Derek Strachan


Charge Nurse
Charge nurses help with the flow of patients and assist the bedside nurses through-out the day. They also work closely with the PCCs to guide decisions affecting the care of the patient and the unit 24 hours a day.

ICU Registered Nurses (RN)
This is a nurse with special critical care training who will assist in the care of your love one 24 hours a day while in the ICU.

Nursing Students
UHN is a teaching hospital. All nursing students in the unit get close supervision from ICU Facilitators and nursing staff. Students will be identifiable by their name tag.

Nurse Manager
Nurse Managers are in charge of the unit and may be contacted by patients and their families, about any concerns not addressed by the bedside nurse or medical team.

Patient Care Coordinator (PCC)
The PCC acts as a resource for the inter-professional team and nurse manager. PCC is a key leadership position. PCC acts as a mentor to provide direction, development and preceptorship to the nursing team. The PCC can also be contacted with any concerns if the nurse manager is unavailable or cannot be addressed by the bedside nurse or medical team. PCCs are available 24 hours a day in the critical care.

Medical students, residents and fellows also may be part of our team. Learn more about health care professional trainees at UHN​.


Inter-professional Team Members Roles

Registered Dietitians
MSICU has a dedicated dietician who will ensure a patient's nutritional needs are met through-out their ICU stay.

Occupational Therapists
MSICU has one dedicated Occupational therapists who provides care to ensure a patient's rehabilitation needs are met while in the ICU. In the ICU, occupational therapists provide splints that prevent muscle tightening and maintain proper positioning of hands and feet.


MSICU has two full-time and 1-part-time dedicated pharmacists who works with the inter-professional team to ensure the proper medications are ordered and managed during a patient's critical care stay.

MSICU has two dedicated physiotherapists who work with patients to provide rehabilitation care to maintain and improve strength in the limbs and to assist in keeping the lungs clear while in critical care.

Respiratory Therapists (RT)
The respiratory therapist is responsible for the "breathing machine" (ventilator) and will assess and manage a patient's breathing status daily while admitted. Respiratory Therapists works closely with the inter-professional team to ensure a patient's breathing needs are managed throughout their critical care stay.

Social Workers
MSICU has one dedicated Social worker who provides family counseling, assistance and support for patients and their loved ones. Our social worker also coordinates family meetings with the medical team regularly to update family on a patient's progress and care.

Spiritual Care Professionals
MSICU has one dedicated spiritual care professional who will provide support for patients and their family during their stay. Spiritual care professionals work with all faiths.

Support Services

Patient Care Assistants (PCA)
Patient care assistants works with the nursing staff and assist with the care of patients, such as bathing, feeding, turning and mobility. MSICU has 24-hour PCA coverage.

Volunteers manage the waiting area and help to organize visits into the MSICU. They direct your family to other areas and services within the hospital.

Ward Clerk
MSICU has 24-hour ward clerk coverage who provide administrative support and are typically the first person loved ones will contact with when they call or visit the MSICU.

Learn more about health care professional trainees at UHN. ​

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