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​​Urgent Referral

Please call the Pulmonary Function Lab for urgent referrals.

Toronto General Hospital
Phone: 416 340 4086

Toronto Western Hospital
Phone: 416 603 5377

We will accommodate urgent referrals as soon as possible.


Standard Referral

To complete the standard referral process, first download and complete the Pulmonary Function Test Requisition.

Once you have completed the form, fax it to the appropriate lab:

  • Toronto General Hospital Pulmonary Function Lab at 416 340 3899
  • Toronto Western Hospital Pulmonary Function Lab at 416 603 6215 

The form will be reviewed to ensure that it is complete; if incomplete, the form will be returned to you. 

The pulmonary function lab administrative assistant/ward clerk will call the physician's office with information about the patient's appointment. 

Your office is responsible for providing the patient with the appointment information, including time and location, and important documents. Occasionally we will call the patient directly to book an appointment. 

Depending on the test that is ordered, test prep instruction may be needed. Please ensure that your patient is aware of these instructions as the test may need to be cancelled and rebooked if not followed.


Checklist for a Complete Referral

Please indicate what tests are required for the patient by checking the appropriate check box, complete the clinical information, sign and date the requisition and fax to the lab.

If this information is not included on the requisition, it may be returned as incomplete. ​

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