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How do I reach my surgeon's office?

Dr. Yvonne Buys
Phone: 416 603 5682

Dr. Clara Chan
Phone: 416 603 5401

Dr. John Gorfinkel
Phone: 416 924 2766

Dr. Alex Kaplan
Phone: 416 603 6470

Dr. David Rootman
Phone: 416 603 5401

Dr. Matt Schlenker
Phone:416 928 1335

Dr. Allan Slomovic
Phone: 416 603 5389

Dr. Shaun Singer
Phone: 416 603 6470

Dr. Marisa Sit
Phone: 416 603 5591

Who do I call if I experience a complication?

Call your surgeon or your family doctor or come to the Toronto Western Hospital emergency department. If you are from out of town, go to the nearest emergency department if any of these problems below happen to you:

  • Increasing pain that does not get better after taking pain medication.
  • A gush of fluid from your eye.
  • Light flashes or spots (called floaters) in front of your eye.
  • Vision loss or no vision in the operated eye.
  • A fever (temperature higher than 38 ˚C or 101 ˚F).
  • Increasing redness or swelling on your eyelid that does not get better with time.
  • Increasing redness in the operated eye.
  • Nausea (upset stomach) or vomiting that continues for more than 8 hours and does not go away after taking Gravol.
  • Green or yellow pus coming from the operated eye.