What to Expect

Testing and medical imaging can occur before and/or after your initial consult with a surgeon, therefore, please be prepared to be contacted with scheduled testing appointments. Be aware that testing appointments have wait times and rescheduling or missing appointments can delay your diagnosis and treatment; if possible try to attend your appointments as initially scheduled.

At all times, if you have any questions about your appointment time, location or preparation for the test, call the surgeon's assistant.


Among the tests you may have are:

CT-chest, PET-scan, Pulmonary Function, Lung BiopsyEndobronchial Ultrasound guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA), MRI, and Ultrasound-guided lymph node fine-​needle aspiration.

More information on how to prepare for your tests : CT-chest (PDF)PDF icon image, PET-scanPulmonary function (PDF)PDF icon image, and What to expect at MRI.

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