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How do I reach my surgeon's office?

Dr. Mitesh Badiwala​
Phone: 416 340 4720

Dr. Jennifer Chung​
Phone: 416 340 4745

Dr. Robert James Cusimano​
Phone: 416 340 4928

Dr. Tirone David​​
Phone: 416 340 5062

Dr. Anthony Ralph-Edwards​
Phone: 416 340 4309

Dr. Christopher Feindel​
Phone: 416 340 5909

Dr. Maral Ouzounian​
Phone: 416 340 4218

Dr. Vivek Rao​
Phone: 416 340 3562

Dr. Terrence Yau​
Phone: 416 340 4074

Who do I call if I experience complications?

Call 911 to take you to the nearest Emergency Department if you:

  • Have chest pain, tightness, or shortness of breath
  • Have "the worst headache of your life" that does not go away by taking pain medication

Call your surgeon's office if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Your incision is red, warm to the touch or has discharge or a bad smelling odour
  • You have a fever (a temperature of 38°Celsius or higher for 2 days)
  • You have pain that is not relieved by your pain medication
  • You have a sharp pain or tenderness in the back of your calf or numbness and tingling to your foot
Who do I call with general post-operative questions?

Your surgeon’s office is the first place to call with general post-operative questions​.