​​ Red exclamation mark in white circleLearn how to do the massage with a Combined Decongestive Therapist at the Cancer Rehab and Survivorship Clinic before trying it at home. You can worsen your lymphedema if you do not learn how to do it the right way.

Lymphatic self-massage is a gentle massage that can help you manage your lymphedema. Doing this massage daily can help you decrease the swelling in your affected body part(s).

After learning from a therapist, you can use the resources below to help guide your daily massages at home.


Resources - Lymphatic Self-Massage Instructional Hand-Outs

Disclaimer: These materials are for patients who have been taught self-management techniques by a clinician at the Cancer Rehab and Survivorship Clinic.

Finding a Community Lymphedema Therapist

​​A lymphedema therapist (or Combined Decongestive Therapist) has 135 hours of training or more in lymphedema management. They can provide services such as lymphatic massage. Appointments are fee-for-service and not covered by OHIP. To find a community therapist near you, you can consult the Lymphedema Association of Ontario's List of Certified Lymphedema Therapists.

Instructional Videos

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