For exercise to be most useful, it needs to be:

  • Regular – That means daily or often
  • Customized – Do what you can manage on that day depending on how you feel
  • Fun – You want to feel alert, calm and invigorated, not tired, upset and drained
  • About 30 minutes – Work towards 30 minutes of  moderate intensity activity six days a week

Start off slowly, listen to your body, and progress gradually. For example, start with a walking program 2-3 times a week without changing the intensity. Slowly build up the duration and intensity in small increments (adding 2 minutes of brisk walking every week).

Tips for making exercise part of your routine:

  • Choose a variety of activities that you enjoy, so that you will look forward to doing them. Some people like to walk with a friend for company, or use a pedometer to track their distance.
  • Move to music if you enjoy it
  • Sign up for the Cancer Exercise program at Wellspring
  • Engage in exercise in your local community
  • Join a walking group
  • Use a pedometer to track your progress with walking

Set small, achievable goals for getting back into exercise to start and build up with success and accomplishment of goal.


Eating Well

Tips for healthy eating:

  • Educate yourself about nutrition with the Canada Food Guide. See Canada's Food Guide [opens in new window]
  • Read food labels
  • Pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth and when
  • Eat small amounts 5-6 times per day
  • Eat the rainbow (fruits and vegetables of different colours)
  • Use a smaller plate
  • Learn to cook!

Monitor your:

There are also some classes at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre that may help. See a list of Patient Education classes at Princess Margaret »


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