​Sexual problems may be caused by treatments or by psychological reactions and mood. Sexual problems can also be called "sexual dysfunction", and often fall into one of four categories:

  • Libido (sex drive) or desire disorders, which is the decrease or loss of sexual fantasies and desire
  • Arousal disorders, which include the inability to achieve or maintain sexual arousal, such as lubrication or swelling 
  • Orgasmic disorders, which is the delay or absence of orgasm following normal arousal
  • Pain disorders, which is genital pain during sexual intercourse



In endometrial cancer survivors, sexual dysfunction differs based on the type of cancer treatment(s) you have had. Sexual dysfunction can also result from the stress and negative emotions about having cancer.


What Princess Margaret Cancer Centre will do

Sexual health is part of overall health and healing. You can talk to members of your health care team about your concerns.


What you can do

For detailed ideas about what you can do, see "Intimacy and Sexuality After Treatment for Gynecologic Cancer" [PDF, opens in new window] »


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Last reviewed: 1/4/2018
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