​Anxiety is a feeling of worry or unease. It is a normal response to threat or stress. Anxiety and fear are common feelings for patients and families coping with cancer. Anxiety can increase pain. It may even cause nausea and vomiting.


Signs of Anxiety

Some signs of anxiety include:

  • Trouble thinking or solving problems 
  • Being nervous or restless
  • Feeling or looking tense
  • Worries about "losing control"
  • An uneasy sense that something bad is going to happen
  • Trembling and shaking 
  • Headaches
  • Being cranky or angry with others
  • Feeling tired or fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping or restless sleep


Causes of Anxiety

The exact cause of anxiety is not known. Some people are more likely to feel anxious than others. Life experiences such as traumatic events seem to trigger anxiety. This is especially true for people who are more likely to be anxious.


What Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Will Do

Before each of your follow-up appointments you will have online distress screening. During your appointments, you can talk to your doctor or nurse about how you are feeling. There are many things that can be done to support you and help you through distress. Be open with your health care team to get help early. 


What You Can Do

There are many things you can to do try and ease your anxiety. Read about them in detail:


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