​​By Michelle Snow, Librarian, Patient & Family Education, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Did you know that:

  • Smoking and using tobacco before and during cancer treatment can delay healing, make recovery time longer, increase side-effects, and decrease
    how well the cancer treatment works
  • Smoking and using tobacco is linked to many different cancers such as breast, bladder, cervix, kidney, mouth and throat, stomach, pancreas and lung.
  • Exposure to second-hand smoke increases a person's chance of developing lung cancer by 25%!

Listed below are some resources available from the Patient & Family Library, located on the main floor atrium at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Learn how smoking can affect your cancer treatment, why to quit before and during your cancer treatment, the effects of second-hand smoke, and what resources and programs are available to help you quit.



Pick up a free copy of these brochures at the Patient & Family Library:


Information and Support to Help You Quit

All programs listed below are free.

  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Why Quit: Smoking at cancer treatment
    Find information on why it is important to quit smoking such as: smoking and cancer treatment, what happens to your body when you quit, tips to help you quit, and other resources and programs to help you quit
  • Toronto General Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy
    Toronto General Hospital, 585 University Avenue, 1st Floor, Norman Urquhart Building Toronto, ON M5G 2N2
    Phone: 416 340 4075
    Ask about getting help from your pharmacist to quit through the Smoking Cessation Program. Services include in person, telephone or email consults using tools, counseling and medications (if needed) to help you quit.
  • Nicotine Dependence Clinic, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
    175 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1P7
    Phone: 416 535-8501 ext. 77400
    Offers treatment and services delivered by experts to help you quit smoking and using tobacco products. Services include one-on-one consult and review of your health, group counseling, and consults on medication to help you quit. You may also get Nicotine Replacement Therapy for free up to 6 months a year as part of the "STOP" program.
  • Smoker's Help Line (by the Canadian Cancer Society)
    Find telephone and online based resources and support to help you quit across Ontario.


Quit Smoking Mobile Health Apps

These apps are free to download. Use them on mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and portable computers. To learn more about mobil health apps, visit the Princess Margaret Patient & Family Library.

  • LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach By Demand Media, Inc.
  • Break it off By Canadian Cancer Society
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