​By Michelle Snow, BSc, MISt, Librarian, Cancer Education Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

It can be hard to talk to children about a cancer diagnosis. The Princess Margaret Patient and Family Library has a wide range of children’s books for patients and families to borrow. You can find all the books listed below and many more at the library.

  • The Grog Family: Moma Grog gets sick (ages 2 – 5) by Gretchen Huntley
  • When Someone You Love Has Cancer: A guide to help kids cope (Ages 2 – 5) by Alaric Lewis
  • Mom and the Polka-Dot Boo-Boo: A gentle story explaining breast cancer to a young child (ages 2 – 10) by Eileen Sutherland
  • Our Dad is Getting Better (ages 5 – 10) by Alex, Emily and Anna Rose Silver
  • Our Mom has Cancer (ages 5 – 10) by Abigail and Adrienne Ackermann
  • The Cancer That Wouldn’t Go Away: A story for kids about metastatic cancer (ages 10 and up) by Hadassa Field
  • Mrs. B Has Cancer (ages 10 – 12) by Glynis Belec
  • What’s Up With Tiffany’s Dad: Medikidz explain Melanoma (ages 12 and up) by American Cancer Society


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