​By Michelle Snow, Librarian, Patient & Family Education, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

What is health literacy?

Health literacy means using different skills to get, understand, communicate and use information so you can make good decisions about your health.

Research shows that patients who know more about their health:

  • feel more in control of their health
  • are better able to manage the side effects from cancer and from cancer treatments.

The better your health literacy, the better you will be able to manage your health and move through the cancer health care system.

The Patient & Family Library is here to help you find information and resources. Listed below are resources that you can find at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Patient & Family Library. Learn about:

  • patient safety
  • infection prevention
  • medication safety
  • health literacy
  • detection and diagnosis
  • treatment options
  • support services
  • and much more.

Learn about health literacy and safety

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Last reviewed: 8/31/2017
Last modified: 11/15/2022 6:44 AM