​​​​Before your surgery​ you may come in to the hospital for a pre-admission clinic visit

You will meet with the pre-admission nurse. Your nurse will review your health history. If needed, you may also see other health professionals like:

  • An anesthesiologist
  • Pharmacist​
  • Medical team
  • Clinical Nurse Coordinator
  • Note: Please bring a list of your medication or empty pill bottles. If you are seeing other specialists for your heart or lungs, please bring your recent progress notes.​


    How long will the appointment take?

    This appointment usually takes place a few weeks before or the week of your scheduled surgery. This appointment may take up to three hours. You may have some of the following tests done to prepare for your surgery:

    • Blood work
    • An Electrocardiogram (ECG)​
    • Chest X-Ray
    • An abdomen CT for DIEP reconstruction

    If you are having a DIEP flap breast reconstruction, a technologist will do a special CT scan on your abdomen. This CT scan will produce a picture of the blood vessels under the skin. The picture can help your surgeon during the operation.


Last reviewed: 9/30/2018
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