​​Whole breast ​radiation therapy is the standard treatment option for women with breast cancer following breast-conserving surgery (also called lumpectomy). On an annual basis, this treatment accounts for more than 60% of all breast cancer patients treated at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. With increasing rates of breast cancer and greater use of advanced, yet time-consuming radiation treatment planning methods, we have developed an innovative and more efficient approach to treating patients and preventing potential delays.

QuickStart is the first program in the world to offer women with early-stage breast cancer expedited CT scans, treatment planning and delivery of the first radiation treatment, all to be completed in one day. For patients who experience some form of delay in their cancer journey prior to radiation therapy, having an expedited radiation treatment process avoids potential negative impacts on their treatment experience and outcome. The award-winning program offers patients the same high quality and effective radiation treatment as the traditional process, but without the unnecessary wait-time. QuickStart makes the cancer journey more efficient, so patients can return to their lives sooner.

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Last reviewed: 2/19/2019
Last modified: 3/12/2019 6:26 AM