“I am 29 years old and was recently diagnosed with Leukemia... I have so many questions not just about my disease and treatment, but also about continuing with my Master’s courses and my ability to have children despite having cancer therapy... Who can help me address these concerns?” -Anonymous

The AYA Program can provide personalized, supportive care beyond the medical needs of young adult patients ages 39 and under.

Since cancer can be a big disruption in your life, the AYA Program has been created to make sure your concerns related to both cancer and regular life are addressed during and after your cancer journey​.

Our Clinical Nurse Specialist, Laura Mitchell, can connect you with services and resources to help you in many different ways:

  • Coping: can connect you with other AYA and/or specialists in psychosocial care
  • Fertility: can discuss fertility risks, preservation options, and make sure your fertility is assessed after your cancer treatment
  • School and work: can support you around school and work transitions
  • Exercise: can provide safe exercise recommendations
  • Diet and nutrition: can offer resources on healthy eating
  • Sexual health: can educate you on how cancer and treatment can affect your sex life
  • Survivorship: can support you in your transition back to normal life after cancer treatment
  • Palliative: can connect you with AYA dedicated services for symptom management, palliative care, and advanced care planning

If you would like to meet with our Clinical Nurse Specialist, you may self refer by emailing us at aya@uhn.ca or calling us at 416 946 4501 ext. 5579 to book an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) ​Oncology Program.

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